Monday, 29 January 2007

A WIP with my friend Kate

My friend Kate has the Penguins on Ice kit in her stash that she started a while ago so I came across the same kit. This week we decided to stitch a penguin a week ! Here is my update. I had already stitched one penguin so number two is the cute one with earmuffs ! !

UFO Friday update

This is this weeks progress on my UFO of Tom Mouse !

I managed to get a little bit done this week.

UFO Friday @ CSRRMad

Well it was UFO Friday on the 26th January 2007 and my chosen UFO to work on is Tom Mouse with Flowers, a kit by DMC. Here is a photo of the UFO before I started working on it ! Hope to get a little bit done on it.

Friday, 26 January 2007

Oops forgot one

Ooops I forgot the RR square I completed a few days ago for an open theme aida rr which had a bird theme, so I chose this lovely American Goldfinch and butterfly design.

I stitched this for Sue in Canada.

Completed Mr Men & Little Miss Calendar

Sorry I had to do this as two photos but you get the idea ! !

Mr Men and Little Miss Calendar update

I've finally completed this project now. I finished the July square on 24th January 2007 !

I'll try and get a photo of the completed thing soon.

A new finish

Well I completed one of the two squares that were left to do on my Calendar RR when it returned home. I decided to do the Mr Men & Little Miss Calendar by Bothy Threads. I did January when I originally sent it out and I completed the May square on 23rd January 2007 !

Here is a link to what the completed Calendar looks like. Photo on the right of the completed May square db=zoom&uid=&Prod_Code=34371&ww=on&do=search_results

Sunday, 14 January 2007

Lizzie*Kate "Happy New Year"

Here finally is a photo of the cross stitch project I completed on the 9th January 2007.

Calico Crossroads - Mini Kats - January - Happy New Year

Here's a photo of the proect I finished on 8th January 2007

Heart in Hand Monthly Mania - February

Here's a photo of my completed cross stitch project finished on 7th January 2007.

Saturday, 13 January 2007

Well this isn't wonderful is it?

I can't believe it's a week later already and I haven't updated this each day as I had intended !

(Note to self, must make more effort).

Well I have completed four more cross stitch projects since my last update and I am pleased with them.

I completed Lizzie*Kate's January Block Flip-It on the 7th January 2007. (See photo )

Next was Heart in Hand's February Monthly Mania also on the 7th January 2007. (photo to follow)

Calico Cats Mini Kats January Happy New Year was completed on the 8th January 2007 (photo to follow) and finally Lizzie*Kate's Happy New Year Snippet #S63 on the 9th January 2007 (photo to follow).

Saturday, 6 January 2007

It's the weekend again

Well it's Saturday again sigh ! Where does the week go. As soon as I finish teaching at 3pm today I am going to settle down for a comfortable weekend of stitching and reading.

I finally finished a Wedding Anniversary Sampler on Tuesday for my parents Ruby Wedding Anniversary and succeeded in completing it a whole month in advance ! !

I have so many WIPS and UFO's that I am going to sort through them all this weekend and make a list of the ones that I want to work on to get them finished.

I am currently reading my way through Robert B Parker's Spenser detective books and have read 3 so far this year and am halfway through the 4th.

May have another update later today on the WIPS and UFO's.